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Use of Renewable Energies: What Do You Think About Nuclear Energy?

Well, I was thinking, I wanted to post about something else besides the weekly assignments and see what you guys think about the use of renewable energies such as nuclear energy. This is a subject of great controversy right now. It is a fairly recent development that uses Uranium ore to produce energy. Many people have argued that it is very clean, useful, and safe if there is appropriate security measures. Other people have argued that it is very hard to find workers who can take care of them, that it is very expensive and inefficient to keep the nuclear energy factory working, and that it is hard to find a safe place to build the nuclear energy factory. There are a few questions that I think are important to consider when discussing nuclear energy. Is Uranium really a renewable resource? Is it efficient enough to become a main energy source? Is it safe? What should we do with the waste? Is it truly environment friendly? What do you guys think?