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Avatar Screening Report

In the movie Avatar a former marine, Jake, is placed in a fictional world known as Pandora. The “people” there are known as the Navi. Jake is a paraplegic and agrees help Dr. Augustine complete a mission that his brother was originally involved with until he passes away. Jake agrees to use his avatar to enter this world. His body is still in our world, while his mind is controlling the avatar in the Navi world.

They are entering Pandora to search for unobtanium, an element, but they are unable to enter the world in their human form. The environment is deadly for humans, which is why they use their avatars (genetically engineered creations that resemble the Navi people).

While in Pandora, Jake falls in love with a female Navi. His motives switch from looking for the unobtanium to helping the Navi’s regain control of their home.

This film relates to how humans carelessly use the resources available to us. Although in the film they were able to explore another world for a needed resource, we are not able to do that. We need to start using our natural resources more wisely before we end up losing them.