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Hot Water, Climate Change, and Global Warming: Our Relationship with Nature

“HOT WATER” Documentary 

This video was uploaded to YouTube.com by the user Lizabeth Rogers. The video was recorded by Liz Rogers and Kevin Flint who researched and went to South Dakota to investigate the story about a Uranium contamination in “hot water” because people were getting sick from drinking and other uses of water. According to L. Rogers and K. Flint, the “people in the American southwest are not aware that their water supply is filtered through millions of tons of radioactive waste lying on the Colorado River.” They also mentioned that “Our ground water, air and soil are contaminated with some of the most toxic heavy metals known to man.” This film is dealing with a possible threat to nature because of the contamination from Uranium and other toxic heavy metals that are spreading not only in underground water but in ground water, air, and soil. According to the video, people have died from cancer and animals have gotten sick due to this and we can potentially damage the Earth if we do not take care of the use of these heave metals.

The film term “documentary” means “A nonfiction film about real events and people, often avoiding traditional narrative structures.” There is an exemplification of this film term in this video clip from YouTube.com because this is a video clip that does not have any “narrative structures.” There are no actors or actresses playing different roles and it does not exist a narrative structure. It is an example of a documentary. This is a film about people who have reported their problems with drinking water in South Dakota and Liz Rogers and K. Flint have decided to investigate and gather some evidences. The video clip is a documentary that is dealing with the contamination of the environment.

Climate Change Montage

The second video clip that I chose was “Climate change montage” by the user “22Fergalo.” This video clip shows some of the effects and consequences of this possible debated climate change. Extinction of different species, increase of flooding, earthquakes, melting of the poles, super population and the emission of dioxide carbon factories are some examples of the side effects of climate change.

Montage means “A specific kind of editing in which objects and figures are linked in a variety of creative or unexpected ways. Usually this kind of editing aims to generate certain effects or ideas.” In this case, the author of this video has put together a series of short videos and pictures about factories emitting carbon dioxide, flooding, poles, and massive deforestation to generate the idea of climate change and its side effects. This an example of a montage from an fan about a video clip about climate change and global warming.

Another Scientist Comes Out Against Global Warming. A point of view

“Another scientist comes out against global warming” was the third and last video that I wanted to share. In this video, uploaded by the user “libNOT,” the user has uploaded a video where John Christy, the director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama who is expressing his opinion against the global warming. He says that nature “operates at a level of complexity that is beyond the mastery of mere mortals such as scientists.”

The meaning of “point of view” according to “A short guide to writing about film” from Corrigan is “The position from which an action or subject seen, often determining its significance.” There is an obvious example of “point of view” on this video because the subject, which in this case is John Cristy, claims his opinion against the debated climate change among scientists and people that is going on right now.