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Screening Report

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this movie and I’ve kind of forgotten how far some of our “theories” have come regarding disasters (referencing things that happen in 2012). When I watch movies like this I usually look at the entertainment value and I think with this type of disaster movie the audience is entertained plenty. It’s easy to get lost in the drama of the race against time, the fight for survival, and the occasional love story that gets thrown in there. However, I think that this movie is also intended to shock the audience in a great way. Since 2012 didn’t come out until after this film, I do believe this was one of the first disaster type films that takes place now, in a modern time. Films before had covered historical events like Titanic, while other films like Armageddon and Independence Day cover th futuristic aspect. Not only in a very modern time, but the director only uses scenes that take place in th United States, unlike other films that have many overseas type scenes. The reason why a film like this can hit home is the fact that the director chooses to use scenes that take place in two great American symbols; Los Angeles and then New York. Scenes like downtown LA being torn apart by a giant tornado and the Statue of Liberty being slammed by a giant wave can give the audience a sense of fear because it can apply to them directly. Perhaps there is even some politics hidden in the film as the director chooses Mexico as the site of refuge for those fleeing the storm; an immediate reversal of the immigration that goes on today. In the end, the director uses several factors like the “stern face close up” and the climatic music that make it that typical disaster movie.
One of the other things that I caught early on in the movie that I had blogged about was the lack of timeline in the scientist’s knowledge; in the end they were ultimately wrong about their timeline even though it was at minimum 100 years away. I think that the director and writers were also trying to insert a warning in the film that since the last ice age occured around 10000 years ago, who knows how close the next one could be. Still, one movie about huge natural disasters won’t scare our world leaders into immediately changing international laws so the debate continues. Besides, we go to the movies to be entertained not lectured right?