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The Age of Man: A New Epoch?

During the Industrial revolution changes within the Earth’s environment were able to record the beginning of new epoch according the Paul Crutzen. He coined the term Anthropocene a little over a decade ago. The term Anthropocene is defined as a shift between the environment due to the activities man.

With the Industrial revolution there were changes in concentration of carbon dioxide and methane. Man began using the Earth’s resources exponentially creating environmental transformations.

With the Great Acceleration around the 1950’s, human development had increased. This also caused depletion in resources. During this era we have concerns with overpopulation. Should boundaries be created against procreation to deter the end of humanity?

Anthropocene should definitely be used to define this era even though there isn’t any geological evidence to claim so. There have been obvious changes within the environment, such as biodiversity loss, loss in resources, and overpopulation indicating a new era.