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We may try to make the sentence “This place is part of myself” intellectually
more understandable by reformulations-for example, “My relation to this
place is part of myself”; “If this place is destroyed something in me is destroyed”; “My relation to this place is such that if the place is changed, I am changed”….

Above is a passage from the 5th page of Self-Realization. This particular passage stuck out to me, because I agree with what it has to say. We all develop close relations with different places in the world. These places play a role in who we are today. They represent memories of our past.

The sentence “My relation to this place is such that if the place is changed, I am changed” from the passage is something I can relate to very well. Back in November one of my best friend’s parents decided to sell their home in Wichita and move to Salt Lake City. This was something hard for my friend to deal with, but hard for my friends and I as well. It didn’t hit us until their Wichita home was sold. We spent a lot of weekends there and made a lot of memories. It was hard for us to grasp the idea that we will never make another memory in that house again, and all of our new memories would be made elsewhere. 

It’s interesting to think about how we make relationships with places as well as people. And how these places effect who we are. When you no longer attend a place (a home or a school) you become a changed person.