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Research Paper Proposal – American Agriculture and the Environment


For my research paper, I want to examine the effects of modern agriculture on the environment.  With a focus on American agriculture, I feel like I can obtain a strong understanding of the overall environmental impact.  The main parts of modern agriculture that I wish to focus on are water usage, pesticide usage, herbicide usage, and growth hormones in livestock.

Each specific section of modern agriculture has altered Earth’s natural cycle.  First by assessing the effects of over-usage of the water supply to maintain farmland, I will show that America’s watersheds are depleting.  The other sections of my paper will analyze the different chemicals brought about by the agricultural revolution.  Like never before, farms are being “nourished” (herbicides), “protected” (pesticides), and “beefed up” (growth hormones) through the use of chemicals unnatural to the Earth’s environment. 

Although I realize that these modern agricultural trends were brought about by the need for a more effective farming system, they are counter-productive in the sense that they are ultimately hurting our environment.  Each foreign, man-made chemical used in farming techniques makes its way into the soils and destroys nature. 

The best solution for reducing industrial agriculture’s effect on the environment is to resort to low-impact, natural farming.


The American agricultural revolution has greatly impacted the surrounding environment through the over-usage of water supplies and various man-made chemicals.


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