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Is Anthropocene the right name for a “New Era.”? Are we running out of ground water? Artificial light abuse?

One of the articles that I chose to read “Anthropocene is the Wrong Worldby Kathleen Dean Moore summarizes one of my main doubts about the debate of this “New Era.” It actually called my attention how she named our “monstrosity” of destroying many species, “a moral monstrosity,” she said, and this moral is breaking the planetary scale because we do not know “what will replace them.” This personally scares me, because is true that the world is getting super populated and many species like Thylacine, Quagga, or Baiji River are extinct and this is increasing faster due to hunting. There is enough evidence that we are clearly destroying species of the Mother Nature.

Another thing that I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys is that we should be cautious about naming this “New Era.” Kathleen Moore said that “new epochs are not named by the destructive force that ended with the epoch before.” For example, “The International Committee of Stratigraphic didn’t name the Tertiary Period the “Asteroidic,” even if an asteroid is suspected of having ended the Cretaceous.” For the Anthropocene case, even if we were the ones who made the Earth switch to a “New Era,” Anthropocene in my opinion would not be the right name because epochs are named according to the article ”after the place where geologists found the boundary between two assemblages of fossils.” Do you think that “Anthropocene” is the right name for this suggested New Era?

The second article that I choose was “Running Dry” by Jessica C. Kraft. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me “the next World War will be caused by the use of water.” After reading this article and other articles on internet on my own, this is actually concerning me somehow. Jessica C. Kraft mentioned in the article that “According to UNESCO estimates, groundwater use has tripled in the last 50 years. Researchers say the reservoir would require 54 times as much rainfall as it now receives to replenish the water that has been taken out.” I found this article quite interesting because the World is getting super populated and the usage of natural resources like water are not unlimited and we need to keep a balance so humanity and animal life can survive. We cannot expect to get water from the ground all the time because rainfalls, now that the World is getting warmer, are unpredictable. I think this is another important issue that should be included in this “New Era.”

Lastly, my third article is “And Incredibly Bright” by Holly Haworth. “What does this loss of natural darkness mean?” J. Harworth says. According to the article, breast cancer and observation of dangerous meteors are the main consequences of this increase of using artificial light. The article states that in the United States a 99% of people uses artificial light and only a 1% uses natural light. The article also mentions that wildlife is having a harder time than us to get used to artificial light and they are getting more active at night, which breaks their natural cycle. In other words, we might be destroying wildlife conditions by using so much artificial light at night time. When we sleep the body produces melatonin which “reduces the body’s nocturnal production of estrogen – a hormone that can stimulate growth of cancer cells.” Thus, we might increase the possibility of having cancer in the future. However, we still do not fully know about the ecological consequences of living at night time. In my opinion, cancer, wildlife, and the observation of possible dangerous meteors are enough reasons to worry about this topic.

What is going on with the World guys? Where is this leading us?



Anthropocene: idea or New Era?

Anthropocene: idea or New Era?

            After reading the articles and watching the videos on blackboard I asked myself, is this just a debate or is this a new epoch? According to “Geology of mankind,” “Age of man” and “Geologists drive golden spike toward Anthropocene’s base” there is a record that temperature is expected to increase on Earth (1.4 to 5.8 Cº this century), species are disappearing, and carbon dioxide and methane production (1.4 billion in this century) in the atmosphere is now significantly higher than in the past two centuries. What can we say about this? It does not really sound like just an idea.

            The term Anthropocene is becoming more popular among society and according to “Geologists drive golden spike toward Anthropocene’s base” running a “Web search for the Anthropocene and 520,000 results pop up.” Not only that, but universities and colleges already have started to implement courses about the environment and its changes, as well as the Anthropocene era. It is very clear that the word Anthropocene and its meaning to people is starting a new way of interpreting the environment and the relationship between man and nature.

I would like to leave a question for you guys in my first post: What do you think after reading and researching about “Anthropocene”? Do you think that maybe Earth is just naturally adjusting to us or are we breaking the natural cycle that Earth should follow?