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Screening Report

In the beginning of The Day After Tomorrow Jack Hall, a climatologist, and his associates, Frank and Jason are in Antarctica. While they are there a large shelf of ice breaks. Jack falls in the large crack and is saved from falling. This scene displays the beginning of a domino effect.

Jack attends a conference with the Vice President about global warming. He tells the people what has happened, and his predictions for what is to come. Jack’s warnings are dismissed and no one listens to him.

There is a scene of New Delhi getting snow.
Another scene in Tokyo getting a large hailstorm.
New York a scene with many birds flying away showing some kind of disturbance in the area. Birds typically fly away due to being scared or weather. This may have been both.
New York begins to downpour creating a floods of water. A scene of the Hollywood sign in California is destroyed by tornadoes.

Jack theorizes the current has changed due to the melting polar ice caps creating an extreme changes. He creates a grid model of the storms showing three massive super storms over Canada, Scotland, and Siberia.

Back in New York a huge wave of water covers Manhattan. Jack’s son, Sam, is in New York for a school competition. Sam and his friends leave to seek shelter in the New York Library. Sam contacts his father and he says he is coming to New York. Jack, Jason, and Frank travel from Washington D.C. to New York in the snowstorm searching for his son. People are told to evacuate to Mexico.

There is a scene of the Mexican border lined up with people trying to cross and being stopped due to overcrowding.

The super storm is instantly freezing anything it touches. The storm goes over Manhattan. Everything starts to freeze. After the freeze, the storm clears. Jack arrives at the New York Library and finds Sam. Jack calls the President telling him there are survivors in New York. The President sends helicopters to rescue them.