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Anthropocentrism and Religion

I just had a thought I figured I would share while reading the course work for week three. Both the online articles on environmental ethics and the book Infinite Nature speak of how Christianity is anthropocentric in its views on the environment. I can see how this could possibly be true, but speaking as a Christian myself, I don’t feel this is the case with every individual with this religion. Sure, I believe that in the idea of creation, but I do not agree with the idea that this makes humans superior to other animals. I have always been taught that God said we were to use what we needed to survive, but it’s not like we were told to do whatever we wished. I’m not trying to go on a religious rant or anything, I just thought it was interesting that this generalization about the religion was in so many of the readings. I don’t know how anybody else feels about it, but I personally believe there can still be balance between having faith and taking care of the environment for the sole purpose that the environment deserves to be taken care of and not because of selfish human reasons.