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Screening Report: Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is about the struggle between nature and humans.

In Princess Mononoke,  Nago, a giant boar that is possessed by a demon. He attacks a small village where Prince Ashitaka lives. Nago has large tentacle that kill anything they touch. The green plant turn black when they are touched. Ashitaka shoots an arrow at Nago and this makes him mad. Nago’s tentacles touch Ashitaka’s arm poisoning him. Ashitaka finally kills Nago and goes to search for a cure for his curse. He finds a forest that doesn’t have any humans living there. He meets a Kodama, a tree spirit that brings good luck.

During this time Lady Eboshi is leading her men back to Iron Town. They are attacked by giant wolves and a young girl named Princess Mononoke. Some of the men that were injured from Iron Town, and Ashitaka was able to rescue them with the help from the Kodama. Lady Eboshi and her men clear the forests to dig for iron to make her weapons. Lady Eboshi and Jigo develop a plan to kill the great spirit god by cutting off its head.

The group of giant boars hear of Nago’s death. Okkoto leads the boars to fight the humans for taking over the forests. The forest was growing weaker because of the humans. Jigo had set up land mines and grenades on the front line when the boars were attacking. Many people of Iron Town were killed as well. Okkoto was injured badly. Princess Mononoke and one of the wolves try to bring him to the spirit god to save him. Lady Eboshi beheads the great spirit god. The great spirit god changed from this colorful creature into this dark purplish blob. The great spirit god started to kill everything that it touched until it received its head back. When it got its head back everything turned back into green and was alive. Ashitaka was cured from his poisoning and the people and nature were able to live along each other peacefully.

I thought this film was interesting because it shows how humans selfishly use the land. And the actions we take toward the land turn around to hurt us later on.



Mononoke Madness!

Princess Mononoke

            “In ancient times, the land lay covered in forests, where, from ages long past, dwelt the spirits of the gods. Back then, man and beast lived in harmony, but as time went by, most of the great forests were destroyed”. The opening lines of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke are not only a foreshadowing of what the story is to be about, but it is also a reflection of the reality of the effects of industry on nature.

            Ashitaka, the main character of the story, must go on a journey to either meet his fate of death or to rid himself of the curse he has received from the demon boar. The land, which once belonged to the boar and the rest of the forest gods and demons, has now been destroyed and industrialized by humans in search of the lands’ iron resources. Once Ashitaka realizes that the leader of this Industrial Revolution, Lady Eboshi, wishes to kill the spirits and creatures of the forest, he rebels and joins forces with Princess Mononoke (San), the self-proclaimed defender of the spirits. However, not wanting anything to do with Ashitaka or humans in general, San wishes to assist the boars and other forest gods in the war against Eboshi and the rest of the Irontown villagers. Unfortunately, the blind boar, along with San, become demons at the hand of the humans. Through the power of love, and from a little help from the Forest Spirit, Ashitaka is able to save San from becoming a demon. But, love can’t save the Forest Spirit from the hands of humans. Eboshi beheads the spirit, and all hell breaks loose. The dead come back to life, and it’s up to humans to restore the chaos. Ashitaka and San return the Forest Spirit’s head, and all is restored; Irontown is destroyed and replaced by greenery, the tree spirits return, and the humans realize their faults. In the end, San agrees to protect the forest, and Ashitaka helps humans restore their home. It is a perfect agreement between humans and nature.

            Princess Mononoke shows the relation between humans and nature, after the effects of the Industrial Revolution. The evil inflicted on those who have been touched by the “demons” of industry can only be restored by the beauties and love of nature. Even in today’s world, nature seems to be hard to come by; everything is either industrialized or destroyed. It is a rare beauty to find oneself in the midst of a green, serene nature. Ashitaka represents those trying to restore the bond between humans and nature. San shows how nature can restore a person, while Eboshi embodies the effects of industry on the human being. The ending of the movie, with the agreement between San and Ashitaka, show that even in today’s world there can be a healthy and loving balance between human industry and the natural environment. We just have to work for this bond, even if it means compromise.