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Screening Report – “Into the Wild”

Into the Wild is a movie released in 2007 that is based off of a novel by Jon Krakauer.

The plot of the movie centers around a young man that just graduated from college.  Instead of following the path that his parents encourage him to take, he decides to set out on a journey to find himself: a journey into the wilderness of Alaska.

By relinquishing all of his ties to the modern world (giving up all money/college funds, relationships, identification, etc.), Christopher McCandless forces himself to completely give up on his previous way of life.  Once he leaves, there is no turning back.

As he makes his way to Alaska, Chris meets new and interesting people that help him get closer to understanding himself.  He learns, through meeting the hippie couple, the old man, the farmer, and the foreign couple, the meaning of his existence and the meaning of life.

Although in the end Chris dies alone in the wilderness of Alaska, he lived a full and well-rounded life.  He learned much in his short life, and developed a strong understanding of the meaning of human existence.

A major theme in this movie is the search for self-identification.  Through connecting with nature, experiencing the world, and meeting different types of people during his journey, Chris begins to find himself.  He starts understanding his purpose and how he fits into the grand scheme of things.

Although I can’t see myself taking the same adventure that Chris did, I can see why a journey like his would be eye-opening.  The sacrifices he made were sometimes selfish, but he was brave in doing them.  I believe that his journey allowed Chris to connect with nature and figure out his place in God’s plan far deeper than a city-dweller.