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Avatar: nature and 3D

Hello guys, sorry that I have been a little bit disappeared from the blog this past week but I was visiting my family that I only get to see once a year.

I would like to start posting first about Avatar, and then I will post about other things that I thought it would be interesting to share here with you guys.

Avatar, directed by James Cameron, was the first movie in the history of cinema that was released in 3D. James Cameron did a fantastic job trying to transmit the message that nature needs to be more valued and humanity is exploiting the natural resources. Another important message that can be interpreted in this movie is when the creatures na’vi took out their tales with some sort of mini-tentacles on the top to “connect” with the flying banshees or Toruk (Leonopteryx). Everything in nature is connected and is alive. The importance of this connection among all the species in nature is losing its essence for humanity. Some say that this movie also could represent the invasion of the British Empire and Spanish Empire in 1490 when they arrived to America, focusing in how the Empires ravaged all the gold and conquered everything, destroying many tribes and nature in the process.

The movie lacked a little bit about the joys and suffering from the characters. The story keeps going on without making pauses and showing what the characters are feeling and going through. It was somehow a little bit forced, not enough detailed in this aspect.

The graphic quality was very good. Even though the movie is science-fiction, the special effects and the 3D made it seem that it was almost real and captioned the spectator’s attention. 3D is not yet the most used technology at the moment for movies but it is very fascinating that James Cameron worked so hard and released an amazing 3D movie like Avatar. Especially, this is important because at the moment many people were against switching for HD films to 3D, and James Cameron showed that 3D can be a great technology to involve the viewers with the movie.


The Imagery of Avatar


            James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) defined a new era of innovative technology in the realm of film making. The 3-D animation and special effects used to create the environment of Pandora not only bring the universe to life on screen, but also the technology helps to compare Pandora to our world today.

            Cameron, who began writing the screenplay for the film in 1994 with a planned release date in 1999, decided that the necessary and best technology for the film hadn’t quite been made available yet. Finally, in 2006, Cameron used motion-capture techniques, which included body suits for the actors that allowed for them to become the “avatars” and 3-D imaging which interacted with the reality. The cutting-edge usage of technology set Cameron and his film apart from previous films because the use of animation and technology created a reality for his film which was different, yet similar to our reality.

            Pandora, which is the fictional universe of Cameron’s film, is the home to the Na’vi. These native creatures, played by real actors wearing body suits, were created to look like tall, blue creatures with human qualities. The plants, creatures, and natural surroundings in Pandora are unique to the planet. The shapes and contortions of the plants remind the viewer of plants here on earth. Also, some of the creatures on Pandora may look odd, but they definitely look and act like some of the animals we have.

            It is interesting that Cameron uses Pandora as an analogy to our world today. Although the environment looks completely different than ours, Cameron’s use of imaging and animation bring to life the world of Pandora, making the viewer fall in love with the images. The viewer gets transported into the 3-D world and begins to relate the world of Pandora with reality. The Na’vi’s humanistic features make them emotionally likeable characters, which the viewer quickly becomes attached to. The plants, animals, and environment of Pandora, because the Na’vi are so connected with them, also become an emotional attachment to the viewer. The beautiful imagery of the floating islands and the home tree of the natives give the viewer an attachment to the beauty of Pandora, and also a beauty towards the film in general. This epic film will forever be remembered for its stunning imagery and connection of fiction to reality that Cameron instills in his viewers.