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Arctic methane catastrophe scenario is based on new empirical observations

Arctic methane catastrophe scenario is based on new empirical observations


Paper Proposal: Castaway

I decided to go with option A and write my paper about the film Castaway. First I will write about how Tom Hank’s character ends up stranded. Then I will talk about the experiences that he has on the island, and how he relies on the materials provided for him on the island to survive. Then I will discuss his life after being saved, and how is experience has changed his life. I will conclude my paper by sharing what  we can learn from this movie. 

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Screening Report: Into the Wild

Into the Wild is about a young man, Christopher McCandless, who just graduated from college. His parents want him to further his education and tell him they will help him with the cost of going to Harvard. Chris decides to go out into the wild to Alaska and leave everyone behind. He then donates all of his savings and belongings to charity.

The film follows Chris’ journey as he meets many new people. He crosses paths with a hippie couple that lives in a RV. He stays with them for a while. He also meets a girl that develops feelings for him. Chris works in a grain elevator for a man named Wayne. He also meets another couple while canoeing. Chris cares for each of these people he meets, but has to leave them to complete his final goal.

The movie appears to be a series of flashbacks that Chris is having while in Alaska. During his journey Chris gives himself a new name, Alex Supertramp. Chris eats some poisonous berries in Alaska and becomes very sick. He loses a ton of weight from not eating anything. Chris is remembering his life and is happy with how he lived. Chris then dies and the movie ends.

This movie shows how one can live a happy life in nature. The material possessions that we love so much are really not that important. Chris crossed paths with many people that he could have let into his life, but he did not need to have them to be happy. All he needed was to be one with nature to be satisfied.

Screening Report: Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is about the struggle between nature and humans.

In Princess Mononoke,  Nago, a giant boar that is possessed by a demon. He attacks a small village where Prince Ashitaka lives. Nago has large tentacle that kill anything they touch. The green plant turn black when they are touched. Ashitaka shoots an arrow at Nago and this makes him mad. Nago’s tentacles touch Ashitaka’s arm poisoning him. Ashitaka finally kills Nago and goes to search for a cure for his curse. He finds a forest that doesn’t have any humans living there. He meets a Kodama, a tree spirit that brings good luck.

During this time Lady Eboshi is leading her men back to Iron Town. They are attacked by giant wolves and a young girl named Princess Mononoke. Some of the men that were injured from Iron Town, and Ashitaka was able to rescue them with the help from the Kodama. Lady Eboshi and her men clear the forests to dig for iron to make her weapons. Lady Eboshi and Jigo develop a plan to kill the great spirit god by cutting off its head.

The group of giant boars hear of Nago’s death. Okkoto leads the boars to fight the humans for taking over the forests. The forest was growing weaker because of the humans. Jigo had set up land mines and grenades on the front line when the boars were attacking. Many people of Iron Town were killed as well. Okkoto was injured badly. Princess Mononoke and one of the wolves try to bring him to the spirit god to save him. Lady Eboshi beheads the great spirit god. The great spirit god changed from this colorful creature into this dark purplish blob. The great spirit god started to kill everything that it touched until it received its head back. When it got its head back everything turned back into green and was alive. Ashitaka was cured from his poisoning and the people and nature were able to live along each other peacefully.

I thought this film was interesting because it shows how humans selfishly use the land. And the actions we take toward the land turn around to hurt us later on.



Race to Save the Tortoise

Race to Save the Tortoise


I was scrolling through CNN and ran across this article posted yesterday. Thought you all may be interested.


We may try to make the sentence “This place is part of myself” intellectually
more understandable by reformulations-for example, “My relation to this
place is part of myself”; “If this place is destroyed something in me is destroyed”; “My relation to this place is such that if the place is changed, I am changed”….

Above is a passage from the 5th page of Self-Realization. This particular passage stuck out to me, because I agree with what it has to say. We all develop close relations with different places in the world. These places play a role in who we are today. They represent memories of our past.

The sentence “My relation to this place is such that if the place is changed, I am changed” from the passage is something I can relate to very well. Back in November one of my best friend’s parents decided to sell their home in Wichita and move to Salt Lake City. This was something hard for my friend to deal with, but hard for my friends and I as well. It didn’t hit us until their Wichita home was sold. We spent a lot of weekends there and made a lot of memories. It was hard for us to grasp the idea that we will never make another memory in that house again, and all of our new memories would be made elsewhere. 

It’s interesting to think about how we make relationships with places as well as people. And how these places effect who we are. When you no longer attend a place (a home or a school) you become a changed person.