From my paper on Avatar

I thought I would share this kind of interesting connection I had found in my paper:

Another one of the characters that I think is of great importance to the topic of economic politics that gets pushed aside by many people is Dr. Grace Augustine. Author Sverker Sorlin spends much of his essay “Works Of Doubt And Leaps Of Faith: An Augustinian Challenge To Planetary Resilience” talking about Dr. Augustine and her important role in the film. We forget that she is the creator of the avatar program on Pandora and is constantly showing signs of dissent against what the military is doing. She is portrayed as the “supreme authority” about life on Pandora and has become a great example of an “ethno-biologist” and as Sorlin put it that she is, “trying to find out how the finer mechanisms between the human and non-human worlds operate in a local setting” (Sorlin 159). Her research is one that she hopes will protect the Na’vi and their world from the effects of the company’s mining, but like anything it takes time to gather samples and get results. She constantly defends the Na’vi world and is very aggressive the company owner Mr. Selfridge (I think a play on words of selfish) despite the fact that she knows the company pays for her research. Her understanding became that our mismanagement of resources on Earth, seen by how the company is forced off Earth for resources, was proving to be the same result on Pandora. Dr. Augustine leads a life convinced that the Na’vi wisdom of their connection to nature is the greatest resource that one could have.


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