Offshore wind farms!

While I was working on my paper and researching about new alternative energies, I found offshore wind farms.  Offshore wind farms are situated on the sea, where the winds are generally stronger than the land-based wind farms. In places like UK or Denmark you can see that there are offshore wind farms and they work perfectly. The US has recently accepted to invest in those and they are working on building them. One of the good things about this renewable energy is that it does not hurt the environment nor the species that they live on the sea. The process of making electricity is completely clean and safe and it does not emit pollution. In this video you can see how the build a windmill on the sea. I think is pretty interesting. You should check it out!



3 responses to “Offshore wind farms!

  1. I have heard that these wind-generated turbines have a tendency to break down, and the cost of fixing them is extremely expensive. The maintenance that is required for up-keep is costly, too.

    Also, although I’m not trying to be a pessimist, they are not completely “environmentally friendly”. I have heard that PETA is attacking companies that are building these wind turbines because they can harm birds. They have been known to kill birds, and sometimes alter their migration patterns.

    They’re still pretty neat technology, though.

  2. I think this is a great option. That being said, as Amber mentioned, there are still ways that the windmills can harm species around them. I have also read about birds being disrupted and/or killed by the windmills. Although that is sad, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to find a source of energy that does not do at least some small harm. It seems like every alternative energy source still has some small problem to it. Maybe they just need more development. But I do think this is a great option that does very minimal harm, at least compared to the harm that our current fuel energy sources do!

  3. Yes it is true that most renewable energies are very expensive and the maintenance costs as well. That is why renewable energies are still in the development stage. However, I have to say that I agree with Amanda. No matter what we will always do some sort of harm or damage to either species or the environment, but compared to what we have done with oil its very little. Taking care of the environment is not easy. But I still think that resources like this are the future for mankind’s survival.

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