Why are people nicer in places like Kansas, Missouri, Colorado…?

Well, I know this has nothing to do with nature but I thought that human relationships are interesting and I always wondered why people are so much nicer in the Midwest that in places like the coast, anywhere you go. So, I come from Spain, Europe, long ways from here. Some people that I have talked to say that generally people in Europe are rude, and honestly, it is true. I have been to Portugal, France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, and England and usually people do not wave or smile at you. When I first came to the States, to Florida and Illinois, I was a little impressed because people were nice, but there were some similarities and common things with people from the coast from where I live and other coasts that I have been in Europe. However, when I transferred to Newman University, and I started visiting places (Wichita, Derby, Kansas city, Oklahoma city, Denver, Winter Park…etc.) And I saw that most people just wave and smile at you and they are very nice. They helped me so much when I used to have language difficulties and problems with things. I am very happy with this, it makes life so much easier and joyful. I learned that human relationships and morals are so important, and I am glad you guys have kept it that way. Although, I have a question, why do you think that in places like in the coast (wherever) people tend to be more rude than people in the inside like the Midwest?



6 responses to “Why are people nicer in places like Kansas, Missouri, Colorado…?

  1. I think it depends on culture and community. In my town, with my generation and ones before we all grew up Catholic. We all had the same ideals and beliefs, so morality just sort of came naturally. Upbringing and community definitely help shape a culture, especially in relational aspects. Just as a community picks up on specific area accents, they can also pick up on qualities such as manners and openness to others.

    • Sara,
      Like I said before to Amanda, yes I agree with you as well that growing Catholic or religious has a lot to do with it. I was just shocked when I first came to Kansas and Illinois because I was never ever treated that nice by people in general. I do not know if you guys have ever been in Europe but you will realize there is a huge difference of how people interact with each other. Anyway, that answers my question. Thank you!

  2. Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people in the Midwest are part of the Bible Belt. People who’ve grown up here have been taught the more traditional values, which includes being kind and courteous to others. I could be off-based in saying that, but that’s one of the big differences between the Midwest and places further out on the coast. The values on the coast are just different from what ours here are. I’m not saying there aren’t nice people elsewhere, though! There are always exceptions; I know plenty of really nice people from other areas of the country.

    • Amanda,
      I totally agree with what you said. I think that is the answer to my question. Traditional values and Bible Belt has a lot to do with it. A few years ago when I went to the “Midwest” of Spain, I saw that people had similarities to the Midwest people. Like you said, I am sure that there are nice people everywhere, and I know a lot of people that live in the coast and they are good friends of mine. But generally society is nicer in the Midwest than in other areas, and I wish every society had these values. Unfortunately, in my country and many places around the world we are already losing these traditional values…

  3. Well, since we are talking about Thoreau and Emerson, I could argue that the reason we, here in the Midwest, are nicer because we are more connected with nature. Rather than commuting via public transportation and living in HUGE cities without a tree in sight, we get to mow our lawns and plant gardens and enjoy the park.

    I don’t know. Maybe there is something to this whole nature thing.

    • Amber,
      It is true than in big cities most people do not really care about nature or be nice to each other. People are always in a rush and there is a lot of stress. That is why I never want to live in a big city. I agree and can see that people are connected with nature in the Midwest, but I think that the reason why they are nicer is mostly because of the traditional values or religious values more than anything. Thank you for your answer.

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