Into the Wild Screening Report

This movie was one of the most interesting that we have viewed so far. I found myself getting frustrated with our character Chris at several points in the film. I felt like the conclusion was on of resolve still because it seems Chris discovered what he was looking for; to be alone. The difference was that he was totally and completely isolated, but it may not have been what he wanted. He was pressured to leave mainly because he didn’t have a very good family life. His parents didn’t get along well and the clip where his father was abusive would make any child want to not be around home. The pressure of living a very “ambitious” life from his wealthy parents was obviously another reason that he wanted to leave. So Chris sets off looking to escape the way the world has become and find a place where nature is the only thing that’s around. I like how the director uses a lot of motion shots with lots of camera movement to show the dynamic change that takes place both in Chris and in the places around him. One thing I didn’t understand was how much Chris placed the principle of reaching nature over people. Meeting people like Ron Franz (the old guy) would have made me want to stay because of his great compassion and trust to a stranger. I even thought that he was really going to return and see Tracy Tatro (the 17 year old) with his hippie “family” because it seemed like that was the most compassion he had ever seen. It just seems all to perfect a life to return to and with the entrapment of the river, I wasn’t surprised that the thing Chris wanted most ended up keeping him there (actually caught myself saying be careful what you wish for). I definitely think this movie was an emotional appeal because it shows scenes that make us wonder what it would have been like if Chris hadn’t been able to touch all the lives of the people he met, and then was able to go back and see them again. It being a true story (and not revealed until the very end) made it an even more appeal to our senses. Did Chris find peace out there? I think he did, but unfortunately he never got to see the real reaction of his parents that was very much imprinted on his last thoughts.


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