Screening Report: Into the Wild

Into the Wild is about a young man, Christopher McCandless, who just graduated from college. His parents want him to further his education and tell him they will help him with the cost of going to Harvard. Chris decides to go out into the wild to Alaska and leave everyone behind. He then donates all of his savings and belongings to charity.

The film follows Chris’ journey as he meets many new people. He crosses paths with a hippie couple that lives in a RV. He stays with them for a while. He also meets a girl that develops feelings for him. Chris works in a grain elevator for a man named Wayne. He also meets another couple while canoeing. Chris cares for each of these people he meets, but has to leave them to complete his final goal.

The movie appears to be a series of flashbacks that Chris is having while in Alaska. During his journey Chris gives himself a new name, Alex Supertramp. Chris eats some poisonous berries in Alaska and becomes very sick. He loses a ton of weight from not eating anything. Chris is remembering his life and is happy with how he lived. Chris then dies and the movie ends.

This movie shows how one can live a happy life in nature. The material possessions that we love so much are really not that important. Chris crossed paths with many people that he could have let into his life, but he did not need to have them to be happy. All he needed was to be one with nature to be satisfied.


One response to “Screening Report: Into the Wild

  1. I do agree that people can live in harmony with nature but not in the way Chris did. He went through a lot of difficulties to live the way he did and he only survived for 100 days. So my point is there have to a moderation in how we live in harmony with nature. We can’t just abandon everything and all go live in forests. Even though he wanted to live the way he did he still needed to travel from one place to the other, that means he had to use a bus or train as seen in a movie. So the way of life that Chris wanted to live is impossible.

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