Into the wild

           I felt sorry for the person the real “Chris McCandless” who was being portrayed in the movie. As a young man just finished his bachelor’s degree the future seem so bright for him. His parents had planned to assist him so he can go to Harvard University but that’s not what Chris had in mind. He gave away all his belongings and disappeared into Alaska.  There is different aspects to look at when you watch this movie. As I was watching the movie I got so drawn to think about the intense pain he ended up causing family, made his family have sleepless nights asking themselves questions that never got answered. I do consider that being selfish of him to leave his family like that. But for the sake of this class I will focus at the nature’s aspect and the forces that drove Chris to make that life changing move.
          There are flashbacks throughout the movie and it begins by showing the end of movie. The movie was emotional especially seeing him going through all those difficulties along that tough journey. One thing I learned in this movie is that not everything that is natural is good for use. This is true as we see that Chris’s death is caused by eating wild sweet pea instead of wild potato. Also I am sure that every human to some extent has that instinct that wants to connect with nature. Whether its foods we eat or environments that they live in. Am sure this instinct is probably one of the reasons why Chris left so much behind to go into the wild.
            There are some other life lessons shown in the movie such as forgiveness and also how parents should raise their kids. Chris and his father did not have a good relationship; his father was a very strict  and all he cared about is success. That built anger and resentment in Chris over time and he wasnot able to forgive his father. That seems to be another reason why he felt the only way out is to run away from the people that made him feel miserable. Parents need to be more understanding and not too strict on their parenting because at times that can pushing young minds over the edge. Also regardless of the circumstances in life, we need to forgive because I believe that had Chris forgiven his father he probably would not have left the family.
            So in general I consider that due to strict parenting styles by his father and lack of forgiveness by Chris he ended up dying in the wild and his family suffered a tremendous pain. In my opinion every one lost in this scenario but may be Chris died with some sort of personal satisfaction that he was more connected to nature than if he had stayed at home.

One response to “Into the wild

  1. I had no idea that this was based off a true story, so when they showed the picture of the real Chris, I was very surprised. I felt sorry for him as well. What a tough life to live, not only for him, but for his family as well. I like how you talked about the tremendous pain his family must have felt. I didn’t really mention much of this in my report, but it is a very good point. To just up and leave your family and never contact them again must have been heartbreaking for them. I can understand him wanting to get away and distancing himself from, but completely cutting them off may have been a little too harsh, especially with his sister who he had such a strong relationship with.

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