Atheists can be environmentally friendly too.

I stumbled upon Bron Taylor and his idea of a dark green religion. It is similar to the principle of deep ecology because it sees nature as having intrinsic value. In dark green religion there is the belief that there is a kinship, interconnectedness with non-human entities. It sees nature being sacred and humans have this responsibility to treat it with reverence. Dark green religion is different because it doesn’t see nature having supernatural beings or energy. Bron believes we are derived from other life forms through evolution, which is similar to Darwin’s theory. His idea comes from an atheist’s viewpoint. I didn’t agree with him on nature not having energy or supernatural beings. I do believe there is a God and that living things possess a type of cellular energy. I thought it was an interesting perspective.


One response to “Atheists can be environmentally friendly too.

  1. “Deep green religion” that sounds like a good idea. Actually it sound much better than “Atheism”. I think no one would be left behind in this religion because the rules applies to every human beings living or dead. The fact that when we die we get decomposed in the soil will mean that we still play role in this religion regardless of our physical well being. This makes us more connected to nature itself.

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