God in Nature

What I loved most about Emerson’s Nature was the comparison of spirit and nature. Because God the creator designed the beautiful nature that is around us, it is an obvious thought that the spirit of God would be in nature. As stated by Emerson, nature’s purpose is to “stand as the apparition of God” (54). Wouldn’t it make sense, then, that every time we walk outside, inhale the air around us, soak in the sun, lay on the grass and embrace nature that we are indeed embracing God? Nature is as much a part of creation just as we are. And, if we are made in God’s image, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say that nature is made to be beautiful and perfect as well? I can’t tell you how many times I walk outside and see trash and pollution scattered over the ground and in the air. We wouldn’t treat ourselves as trash; why should we treat nature, which is an apparition of God (therefore, nature is spiritual), like garbage as well. To treat nature as such is to turn away from God. Although this sounds harsh, just think twice the next time you throw your McDonald’s wrapper on the ground.


One response to “God in Nature

  1. I completely agree. I get furious when I witness someone litter. There is absolutely no reason (besides pure laziness) to not put that trash in the garbage. Then again, even the garbage gets dumped in a landfill somewhere. So are litterers just speeding up the inevitable?

    Regardless, like you said, polluting God’s creation is just disgusting. We need to be respectful.

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