Into the wild, interesting ending…

This movie directed by Sean Penn in 2007 is about the life of Christopher McCandless, a promising 22 year old college kid who decides to leave his wealthy family and his known identity trying to forget the “material world” that he was in, in order to live adventures and find the meaning of freedom and nature. The history of this character is divided into 5 chapters: his born, adolescence, adult, family and the path to wisdom.

Sean Penn achieves in this “road movie” to put us in the skin of every single character in the movie. The acting from the cast did a good job because they expressed themselves very good. Facial and body gestures made the movie seem very realistic. Emile Hirsch was capable of connecting with Chris McCandless’s soul, who was very involved in his role, to the point where sometimes we could think that she was Christopher. The movie had a lot physical and psychological “transformations.” I also thought that Hal Brook did a wonderful job with his facial expressions and how you can just interpret so many things by the gestures and faces he does.

There is also something that we need to mention about this movie. The incredible soundtrack from Eddie Vedder made the narration of the story even more interesting, catching the spectator’s attention to understand the character’s personalities, and making the movie more personal and emotional. Sean Penn wanted the vocalist of Pearl Jam to become the inner voice of the characters and he accomplished it. Along with the pure and good music, we could also enjoy the wonderful job that Eric Gautier did with his photography and filming, achieving to transmit the emotional states of the characters.

I had some questions at the end of the movie. For example, he said that he really loved his sister but he did not even say anything to her before leaving for his journey. Another question that I had is what was Chris thinking before he was going to die? Did he regret of what he did or was he happy about everything he did? It will be a mystery to interpret…



2 responses to “Into the wild, interesting ending…

  1. I’m going to take a chance on your questions. I believe that, after all Chris and his sister experiences and went through, made up for the fact that he left without saying goodbye. Although she might not have fully understood, I think deep down she knew that her brother loved her and wouldn’t have wanted to say goodbye (those are just too hard!). Also, I think she forgave him; even though she was hurt, she forgave. And, although no one will forever sure know exactly what Chris was feeling when he died, I am sure that he was content in a way. He spent almost two years of his life out in the wild, and was aquainted with the nature around him. He experienced things and events that he wouldn’t have ever had the chance to if he hadn’t had run away. He also met people who changed his perspective on life, which also wouldn’t have happened if he would have continued living his previous life. I know those who discovered “Alexander’s” body probably found his memoirs and notes from his experience, but no one will ever know the EXACT thoughts floating around Chris’s head during his last moments. I want to believe the thoughts were peaceful, just as the movie interpreted.

  2. Sarah,
    Thank you for replying, I was a little bit confused because like I said earlier I did not know anything about his final thoughts nor I tried to interpret deeply his relationship with his sister, but now I understand more the whole movie itself and the meaning of it.

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