Escape from Society

In Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp and journeys through different places with the intention of ending up in Alaska to live in the wild. He plans to live in the wild to escape from what he calls a “sick society”. In one scene where he meets his parents for a luncheon they talk about getting him a new car and he gets upset and says, he doesn’t need a new car because his old car was fine. He was kind of addressing how people have a want for material things. He also talks about how his parents shouldn’t have gotten married and how it is a part of the messed up culture we live in. He was trying to escape from the judgment and control of his parents. He sees power as an illusion. Christopher plans to travel to Alaska in search of truth of his existence. When he meets Jan and Randy, he says, rather than faith, love, money, or fairness he preferred the truth. He wanted to experience nature by using just his head and hands.
While he travels there are cut scenes of beautiful terrains, mountain ranges, rivers, and forests areas. During one of the scenes he kills a moose and regrets doing so because the meat had spoiled so quickly and ended up being a waste. When he tries to get some information about going in the river in his canoe he finds out it would take him 12 years before he can get a permit to do so. One of the reasons was probably due to safety. He states, “If we meant that human life can be ruled by reason; the possibility of life is destroyed”. During his trip he also meets a man, Ron Franz who he become close to. While they were on top of a hill Christopher says to Ron that the joy of life doesn’t come principally from human relationships. He learns in the end and writes in his book that happiness is only real when it is shared. He ended up dying alone in the bus he was living in but at least he didn’t regret his life.


One response to “Escape from Society

  1. I wasn’t sure whether or not to be sad at Chris’s death in the end of the movie. In one of my classes that I am in this summer, we talk about relationships being a part of the human existence; without relationships, one cannot be happy, healthy, or live the fulness of God’s plan. However, Chris dies alone, yet satisfied. How can this be? I believe that, through the encounters and self-discovery during his journey, Chris discovered much more than meaningless relationships with people: he discovered the relationships that touched his soul.

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