The Land Ethic

Land ethics can be described as something used to guide actions when humans use or make changes to land.  There is a need for ethics dealing with human’s relation to land and to everything that lives and grows on the land.  He argues that the next step in the evolution in ethics is the expansion to include the biotic community (the land).  He says that a thing is right when it can reserve the beauty, the integrity, and the stability of the land.  If it does otherwise, then it is not right. This land epic just enlarges the boundaries of the community so that it includes everything that has to do with land, soil, water, etc.  In this article, it incorporates the ethical arrangements of the ecological evolution.  In the land ethic, it begins with a relationship between two individuals.  Then there is the relationship with and individual and their community, and lastly and most importantly, there is the relationship between men and nature. 


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