“Self Realization”

This article talks about the exploration of the self.  Self-realization will ultimately provide more joy and happiness throughout life.   There will be more meaning in life.  He also mentions Gandhi to help explain the point of self-realization. Gandhi believed in non-violence.  He successfully lived with other creatures and in this process he recognized the right for all living things to grow and blossom.  Once he realized the overall beauty of earth, there was a sense of being able to identify with other living things.  Naess also mentions that many people believe that being moral and ethical means having to sacrifice.  Instead we need to get in touch with all that surrounds us.  There is something bigger than our own ego, which is we are able to reach within the context of the widened and deepened self.    


One response to ““Self Realization”

  1. I thought it was interesting how Naess spoke about the common misconception of having to sacrifice in order to help nature. I have to agree with him in this, if we are truly wanting to help improve the environment around us then it should not feel like a “sacrifice.” It should come naturally and without a second thought.

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