Screening Report: Into The Wild

Into the Wild is an interesting film based on a real story. Chris Mccandless is a young man in a search to find out the truth in the world. He has had a good upbringing by society’s standards (family has money and parents are together, he is smart…) but Chris feels lied to and that something is missing. Into the Wild is a tragedy in the making. Chris leaves without telling his family and spends almost two years on his own meeting new people and making friends all over North America. He finds he likes people, but is torn by his need to explore and be on his own. He ends up leaving each of the people or groups of people to find his next adventure. We see Chris traveling down the Colorado River with no regards to the rules, hitchhiking, sleeping under the stars. His sister narrates the story for us and gives a different perspective on Chris and his life. Chris never realizes how much he has hurt his family or the pain caused. He has no regards for the feelings of his family in the film. He does show compassion and caring to his hippie friends and their worries, or to his friend Ron who has given up on life. Chris dies alone but before he dies, he writes this in his book; “Happiness is only real when shared”. To me it sounds like he realizes he was most truly happy around his friends (Wayne, Rainey and Jan, Ron, and Tracy).

Most of the movie is done in close up shots of Chris or his family or friends. The scenery is not the focus of the shots, but is a small back drop. The final shot though is an aerial shot above the train car and keeps panning out to really seeing the land he was living in. This movie could have spent a large amount of screen time on the beautiful country he traveled but instead was spent on his facial experiences or the facial experiences of others. The movie does a good job of not being boring while also not being to over dramatized.  


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