The nature loving Saint

Who could that possibly be? Probably the most famous animal lover from the Church St. Francis himself. He’s been declared the patron saint of the environment by JPII and there’s even a story of him throwing himself into a bed of roses only discover that they thorns had disappeared. So why should this lowly 13th century man matter in our 21st century society? Even in his time, Francis saw that humans were abusing nature. “These creatures minister to our needs every day; without them we could not live and through them the human race greatly offends the Creator every time we fail to appreciate so great a blessing.” (Legend of Perugia 43). There are several stories about he tamed a man eating wolf that terrorized Gubbio, he would preach to the birds, and he would even lift worms on the path in front of him so that he wouldn’t walk over them. It may not be to this extent, but can we not still learn to commune with nature just as Francis had all those years ago? He learned that the earth was an essential part of our lives as it was a gift from God and any gift that special should be taken care of.


2 responses to “The nature loving Saint

  1. Neden6378,
    How interesting. It just fascinates me that back to the XIII century we were already talking about taking care of nature. Still, majority of society does not appreciate or think about this connection and especially now that we have became a capitalist world, in most places. It is sad to me that at the moment for many people the material and money are more important than the environment. I think one of the ways to start taking measures against the global warming and this way of thinking among people is to teach the next generation that we really need to take care of nature or otherwise the world is going to end.

  2. I think it’s possible for people to reassert themselves into human/nature relationships. It’s whether or not people want to put the time and effort into doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some St. Francis, but people in today’s day-and-age would see that he didn’t really have much going on besides fulfilling his missionary work and spending time reflecting in the beauty of nature. In the 21st century, people are so focused on productivity and economically advancing in life, that everything else not involving the materialistic world gets pushed to the backburner. The most efficient way to get people to turn back to nature would be through education and cold-hard facts. Once people see that what they do and how they act ultimately effect nature not only for themselves but for future generations as well, the message might start to have an impact on how they live their lives. It’s not easy, trying to get people to live saintly lives, but if we could start with the example of St. Francis, it might be a bit more relatable through the means of incorporating nature in everyday 21st century actions.

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