Princess Mononoke

In the movie Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka is on a journey to find the cure for Tatarigami’s curse.  It is a deadly disease that has been cursed on him.  The only way to find the cure is to head west, where he finds himself in the middle of war between the forest Gods and Tatara.  It is humans against the Gods.  The humans use their guns against the Gods of the forest and against the young princess.  Ashitaka wants to keep the peace.  He sees the good in both sides and wants to help.  It is still the battle between the animals that inhabit the forest and the iron mining town that is want to ruin the forest.  In a way, this movie is somewhat like Avatar.  It is humans trying to destroy the homes of a different species for use of their own good.  Both movies have that one person that find the good in both sides and tries to help.  Overall, humans cannot just destroy the homes of other inhabitants.  It is a story between the epic struggle between humanity and nature.  It focuses on nature and how humans interact with it.  It shows the true character of humans and how they can sometimes forget about the importance of nature and how it is the home of many other species and use it for their own selfish needs.  In the end, Ashitaka becomes the hero. 


One response to “Princess Mononoke

  1. I think you’re right this film does have a lot of connections Avatar. It’s obvious through the talking animals that there is a way to communicate with the forest, but they choose not and just destroy it. Yes I would certainly agree that Ashitaka has become the hero, but what about Princess Mononoke? Would you say that she has become a hero as well? In my post I had thought that they both were heroes; Ashitaka to the town and Mononoke to the forest.

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