Avatar Screening Report

Obviously this was a great CG and 3D movie, but that’s not what really caught my attention. Things like the detailed animation of the forest and their colors are what grabbed my attention. I believe that James Cameron intentionally uses scenes like this to place us in the shoes of our ancestors forcing the Native Americans out of their homes. The type of land that they lived in was different to them and we didn’t understand the connection they had to nature, just as the Na’vi did to the forest. I have to laugh at how many times people who I have watched this movie with will the miss the pun of the element they are trying to mine “unobtanium”; kind of sounds like un obtain right? I think that even the word Na’vi is intended to be a play on the word native seeing as the people who drove out the Native Americans are the ones who labeled them Indians (or blue monkeys in the movie). I think that Cameron is also critical of the American culture today because we have become too dependent on our modern advances to care about nature or religion and spirituality. The military is protecting the big corporation who will stop at nothing to mine out and get that “unobtanium” that is so highly desired. They try to create this avatar program, but like any other big corporation it’s just a ploy to make the “tree huggers” happy.


3 responses to “Avatar Screening Report

  1. Neden6378
    I am glad you also mentioned that James Cameron used scenes to refer to the invasion and destruction of native Americans. I never thought about the word Na’vi and how it could be related to what you said, the natives, who had connection with nature and we did not want understand it. I did not really understand what you said in your last sentence. What do you mean by “The military is protecting the big corporation who will stop at nothing to mine out and get that “unobtanium” that is so highly desired ? Are they really doing that?

  2. Luis,
    I think neden6378 means the military is protecting by attacking other countries over oil essentially. You can call it protecting humans in another country but travesties are happening all over and unless it happens to affect our economy the US or Nato does very little about it.

  3. Luis, yes it seems very obvious to me that without the military there the company mining the unobtanium would be stopped by the Na’vi. I think that the previous comment is right too what I was trying to talk about; in today’s modern world we seem to want to fight over oil reserves now. I think Mr. Cameron is VERY critical of our society today, especially ones who are like the company and military in his film.

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