Spooner Lake

spooner lake

I have not posted in the last 10 days because I drove on a trip to Lake Tahoe in California. While I was there I was camping and got to do a lot of thinking. I visited a few different parks along my trip and saw some beautiful scenery. One of my trips was to Spooner Lake a few miles away from Lake Tahoe. The lake was named for Michel Spooner who bought the land for ranching. Eventually this was turned into a lumber center to supply the mines with the needed lumber to mine. This was a booming business but this ruined the land. The park service bought the land in 1920’s and tried to bring it back to life. The pines had been removed and the firs had taken over. The firs were very susceptible to fires and disease. Today towering pines control the area and patches of aspen trees are there also. Trout are plentiful in the lake due to the park making a fish hatchery. The two mile loop around the lake has many historical events to read. The ecological impact of subduing the land almost destroyed the land. The Parks Department did a great job allowing nature to come back and thrive so many generations can enjoy this lake. It is sad how we destroy our environment for our own profit with no thought to the future.


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