Screening Report – “Princess Mononoke”

Princess Mononoke is a 1997 Japanese animated film. 

The premise of the movie centers around a young warrior named Ashitaka.  Prince Ashitaka initially is forced to fight off a demon bore to save his city.  During the fight, he is attacked by the evil spirit and poisoned with hate.  Soon after he is wounded, he learns of his fate: to travel West and help stop the hate.

During his travels, he finds two men who have been injured during a fight.  When he helps them return home, he finds an iron-making village that is in constant battle with the forest that surrounds it.

Prince Ashitaka quickly realizes his purpose is to end the fight between the Gods of the forest (with Princess Mononoke) and the village who is destroying the surrounding forest.

Due to the constant fighting, the humans (the people of the village) and the animals of the forest are filling with extreme hate – the same hate that is slowly beginning to consume Prince Ashitaka.

Eventually, Prince Ashitaka wins the trust of Princess Mononoke and together they break the curse and save the forest and the people of the village. 

In all, I think Princess Mononoke provides an exceptional representation of society’s current struggle between nature and industrial progression.  The movie forces the audience to reevaluate our tendencies to take advantage of nature and the environment. 


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