Screening Report: Avatar

The first time I watched Avatar I hated this movie. I was not excited to watch this movie again and write about. Avatar has grown on me and I realized I didn’t like this movie because I saw it in 3D in the theatre. I do not like 3D it gives me a headache and I can’t focus on the movie. But in the comfort of my own home this movie is full of plot lines, thoughtful experiences, and great technology.

               “That is one big damn tree” says Colonel Quaritch.  This statement sums up how the Sky People see the environment. They want to blow it up to get to the riches below. They have not thought of the natives or the impact. They only care about how much money is below. To me the main plot line is one of the rich taking natural resources of a native people while going back on their promises. The Humans in this story are allowed to take a small amount of the unobtanium, but they get greedy and want more. Without regard to the people and their traditions they decide to go after large amount below their beloved Tree of Souls. This tree is the cultural and religious center of the Na’vi people. The Marines don’t see this as important and thing the Na’vi people can just move. This is a recurring theme throughout our own history and put in the big screen.

One of the fascinating things about this movie was the ability of the actors to work in front of a green screen. This movie is all computer generated and it is literally breath taking. As the actors fly around you see beautiful scenery. The CGI was so impressive that sometimes it seems real. Pandora is a world of bright colors and while it is another world, there are many similarities to Earth. This draws the viewers in to the world and makes them think of Pandora as home. They can relate to the planet and the cause of the Na’vi.

This movie does a great job of bring social issues into the light and brings the best technology forward for the viewers to enjoy.


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