Land of the Free or just for the economically advantaged

Land of the Free or just for the economically advantaged

It is interesting how Leopold talks about the land of the free and home of the brave. Later and I quote “Perhaps the most serious obstacle impeding the evolution of a land ethic is the fact that our educational and economic system is headed away from, rather than toward, an intense consciousness of land.” We talk so much about being a free nation but we continually destroy our land and become more dependent on other countries to produce stuff for us. By sending our manufacturing to a country with less environmental and tax restrictions we feed their economy. We also end up causing more environmental problems because of the less restrictive nature and the factory that is used is polluting more than it would have in the US. Hull talks about the religious thoughts in Chapter 9 and how the US is driven by our “right” to have dominion over the land. As the US is “free” shouldn’t those making the laws be concerned about all living things. Leopold talks about the issue that economically driven laws and cultural don’t think about the things that are not economically important. Later he explains how even the insects are important to our way of life.
While in Tahoe I saw so many people traveling there and got experience a beautiful environment. There are many parks in the area and I got to wondering how this impacted the local environment. Because Tahoe is so beautiful, many people come to visit from all over. I got to thinking about the economic impact of this and found a report saying that North Lake Tahoe (not the whole lake) earns 114.8 million a year and produces 4500 jobs because of visitors. How is the environment not important to our decisions? When we can make that much money on visitors because of how beautiful something is, I would think this would be more important.
As a country and individuals we should be worried about our ecological impact because in the long run it hurts us and our kids. We cannot be “free” without being concerned about our environment.


2 responses to “Land of the Free or just for the economically advantaged

  1. Its true that manufacturing companies shift jobs to other countries that have lower cost so as to reduce cost. i do understand that the U.S quality of products is very high probably highest in the world. But we loose so many jobs and opportunities when companies shift jobs to other countries and we import products. Should we try to accommodate these companies to manufacture these products here in the U.S?

  2. That was a question I was contemplating and don’t have an answer. That is beyond my knowledge and I know they do a lot of tax advantages for big companies but I don’t know the whole side. I know it is cheesy, but I do try to by American made when I can. I recently purchased a mountain bike and it was really hard to find a made bike in the USA that was quality because all of the brands have moved to making their stuff outside the US. I think our patriotism is waned some in the last few decades and we have gotten used to a certain standard of living that we get used to buying lots for cheap/cheaper. I think the answer is awareness on how it hurts our future to outsource and to only think short term when it comes to finances and the environment.

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