Princess Monoke Screening

In the animated movie Princess Monoke, there is a great spirit God that gives and takes life. The great spirit God lives within the forest and the forests are protected by giant beasts. Nago, a giant boar that is possessed by a demon attacks a small village where Prince Ashitaka lives. Nago is a giant beast with dark tentacle like structures protruding from his body like large maggots. What ever these tentacles touch seem to die off. In the frames you see the greenery turning black where the tentacles touched. Ashitaka shoots an arrow at Nago, which makes him angrier. Nago’s tentacles touches Ashitaka’s arm poisoning it and leaving curse marks. Ashitaka finally kills Nago and inside the boar they found an iron ball that poisoned him. Nago’s hatred had turned him into a demon. Ashitaka goes in search for a cure for his curse.

Ashitaka travels to a forest that is filled with lots of moss and greenery. There aren’t many human inhabitants. He meets a Kodama, which is a tree spirit that brings good luck. They were little ghostly looking creatures with heads that shook like baby rattles. Lady Eboshi is leading her men back to Iron Town and is attacked by giant wolves and a young girl named Princess Monoke. A couple of men were injured from Iron Town and Ashitaka was able to rescue them with the help from the Kodama’s leading the way out of the forest to Iron Town.

Lady Eboshi and her clan clear the forests to dig for Iron to make her weapons. These weapons she uses to fight battles and kill animals. Jigo and Lady Eboshi have plans to kill the great spirit God by cutting off its head.

The group of giant boars hear of Nago’s death and is lead by Okkoto to fight the humans from taking over the forests. The forest was said to be growing weaker because humans are taking it over because of their selfish needs. Jigo had set up land mines and grenades on the front line when the boars were attacking. Because of Jigo’s selfishness he also killed many people of Iron Town. Okkoto was injured and Princess Monoke and one of the wolves try to bring him to the spirit God to save him. Lady Eboshi beheads the great spirit God while it was trying to transform into the nightwalker. The great spirit God changed from this colorful creature into this dark purplish blob. The great spirit started to kill everything that it touched until it received its head back. When it got its head back everything turned back into green and was alive. Ashitaka was cured from his poisoning and the people and nature were able to live along each other peacefully.

I thought Hayao’s animation was interesting because he tries to show that there is a connection between humans and nature. It appears what you do affects others around you. For instance, when Ashitaka hits the boar with his arrow he gets poison in return.


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  1. The “tentacles” were my favorite part of the movie, no lie! It is the outward expression of how industry has effected not only people, but creatures and nature as well. The “poison” is the effects of productivity, quantity, and profit of industry personified. It effects not only humans like Ashitaka, but industry also effects the spiritual and natural world as well. The movie uses this symbolism to show the gross and disgusting effects that the Industrial Revolution has had on the entire world.

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