Newspapers: anything about climate change?

Well, I have been thinking about this topic for the past few weeks and I realized that newspapers do not really talk about climate change or global warming. So, I am asking myself and you guys, how are people going to start getting influenced if newspapers do not really mention anything about nature on the news?

I do not know if I am wrong on this one but I have been checking The New York Times, USA TODAY, ABC news, CNN…etc and other newspapers in Spain and there is not much about climate change or things related to this topic.  I just think that it is sad that society is not realizing that nature needs to be taken care of and like we have discussed we are too busy debating and doing other things.



5 responses to “Newspapers: anything about climate change?

  1. Yeah I tried to do the same thing and didn’t find much except Obama’s speech about climate change. I did see something mentioned about Kansas’s aquifer being depleted.

  2. I don’t think you’re wrong on this either. I very rarely ever see anything about global warming unless I’m actually on a nature site of some sort. It really is quite sad. No wonder so many people do not fully understand what global warming really consists of; it’s hard to understand something that isn’t really written about in mainstream news. You can find news articles and reportings about a million things that make very little difference to the average citizen, but things that may actually affect us in the future are ignored.

    • Indeed is sad. I posted this because I was thinking about the power of influence of newspapers and how it would impact society if newspapers started talking more about climate change and it’s consequences. Could you imagine? But I think this is not going to happen until is too late…

  3. I think mainstream spent a lot of time on global warming in the past and the public became uninterested as it is a slow moving event. We have gotten used to wanting quick information and because this is a so slow they tune it out. To change it we have to teach it and make it apart of our daily lives.

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