Trees Communicating with Trees

In Human Nature, I though it was interesting how hull explained that trees have “special biochemical responses to physical injuries”. It reminded me of Avatar, where Grace talks about the sacred trees having chemicals that communicate with one another. Hull says, the trees leak chemicals that were caused by the injuries and these chemicals warn the trees around it. I didn’t believe before that trees or plants would or could feel pain until I read this. It makes me think that people should be more aware of these processes. Trees should be preserved to a certain level but unfortunately, I think we as humans still need to cut down trees as part of our needs for survival. There should be some sort of balance.


2 responses to “Trees Communicating with Trees

  1. Avadoan,
    Thank you for sharing this thought with us. I think that using electronic paper, books, newspapers, magazines, or any other type of paper that can be used in a computer could reduce the cut down of trees but many people still use traditional paper. However, there are lots of people who are starting to switch from pen and paper to use electronic devices to take notes, read, homework, work, etc. I think that if more people started using these devices such as tablets or nooks, the cut down of trees will decrease importantly, but not completely.

  2. I think it would be interesting if the trees did feel pain. I wonder if any research has been done into this. From what is understood in science the tree would need a “brain” to process the pain and a nervous system.

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