Heat wave in the United Kingdom: 540-760 deaths at the moment

According to “BBC news” a heat wave has provoked the death between 540 to 760 people in the UK in just the past week. The heat wave has been raised to level 3, which means “heatwave action,” and the next level is level 4 which is “national emergency.” Scientist say that if the heat wave remains until next week they will raise it to level 4. People are being warned against heatstroke, dehydration and exhaustion in England, Wales, and Scotland. The temperature in the United Kingdom oscillates between 30º and 40º Celsius (90º to 100º Fahrenheit) with 7 days of consecutive hot weather. According to the newspaper, a research by the London School of Hygiene showed that there has not been a heat wave like this since 1740 and the number of deaths due to extreme weather conditions is increasing.

I would like to know your opinion. Do you think that this has anything to do with global warming or climate change?

For more information visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23371454 and http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk-news/2013/jul/19/heatwave-hot-weather-wildfires


3 responses to “Heat wave in the United Kingdom: 540-760 deaths at the moment

  1. I think this has to do everything with climate change. Whether or not we are the problem is still up-for-debate in my though process. I do agree with most critics that since humans have industrialized the planet there have been more chemicals such as carbon dioxide on the planet that do indeed cause a heating of the earth. However, I am a liberal and I believe that there are two sides to this story. The heating of the earth could be caused by outside forces; it even could just be a timing issue. Who’s not to say that the design of the earth since the beginning of time was to eventually have the entire planet heat? I don’t know. It’s an unfortunate circumstance to say the least. I mean, 540-760 deaths is ridiculous!

  2. Hello Sara,
    Yes I think that the debate of whether we are the cause of this problem or not is going to take awhile, but I do no think our generation will see the big changes in Earth so we just have to do our best with small actions to take care of the environment. It is ridiculous, in my country 3-5 people have died already due to the high temperatures and the temperatures in some places here vary between 120-130 Fahrenheit, but that is unusual here. However, in England they are not used to high temperatures like 100-110 Fahrenheit for more than week, so I can see why this wave heat is causing the death of so many people, because they are not used to this kind of weather.

  3. Wow. That is a lot of people to have died purely due to increased temperatures. I definitely would agree that it most likely does have something to do with climate change. It’s probably just going to continue to get worse too. I’m with Sara with being slightly unsure of whether humans are completely to blame, but I definitely think we are making a significant impact on the climate with the way we are living now. It’s sad to think that maybe with a little more education these people may have been able to live and not die. Perhaps if more information about climate change was available by normal news outlets people would be more aware of what may happen and be further prepared.

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