Princess mononoke


“Princess Mononoke” the movie starts by showing the distraction of the forests. The movie is a Japanese cartoon animated film that shows the invaded village by “demons”. The movie starts somehow a little scary as the ugly big boar creature chase down the villagers. Prince Ashitaka got bit by a weird animal and was considered cursed so he was forced to leave the village and head west. The movie is somehow interesting and this is the first time I see it. Made in 1999 by director H. Miyazaki this movie is somehow difficult to relate to the subject of anthropocene at the beginning. As I watched the movie the theme of the movie kept on unfolding and the message got clear.
The most interesting thing about this movie is their beliefs that these villagers have in regards to Gods and demons. Their lives revolve around what they believe and nature is connected to the Gods. While heading west prince Ashitaka ended in “Ironland” a town that was built by clearing the forests. The land was cleared to obtain iron-sand that is used to make iron as men and women work together. The process of clearing the land upsets the Gods and the Gods are fighting back. The Gods in this movie as depicted as wolves led by the princess of the wolf Gods and they are attacking people of Ironland. People of Ironland are forced to develop guns in order to prepare to fight back against the Gods.
The theme of this movie is based on the environment and how the destruction of natural resources upsets the powers of Gods and demons. Relating to the real world I am not sure if this is what is happening to our earth today as we irresponsibly consume our natural resources. Just as seen in previous assigned movies “The day after tomorrow” and “Avatar” humans efforts have significantly destruct natural resources and the effects eventually end up affecting humans. It may take many years before nature fights back eventually it always does. We cannot continue to think that nature and environment are there to serve us any way we want. We have to understand that we (humans) are also a part of nature that we destroy and we have to live in peace and harmony with it.



2 responses to “Princess mononoke

  1. I was reminded of the connection that the Na’vi in “Avatar” had with the goddess Awa. It seemed that San, along with the other spirit creatures, had a deep connection with the earth and the nature around them, almost to the point that they could feel and respond to the land. And in response to your comment about the movie not relating to our world, I think that you would be surprised of the more subtle connections that living creatures have with the environment. For example, whales communicate by sound waves which are amplified by their oceanic environement. However, with aquatic pollution, it is becoming more difficult for these sound waves to travel, thus connections for creatures are being cut off. “Princess Mononoke” just goes about the subject a bit more unrealistically, but there definately is some realistic qualities to the movie (even if they aren’t explicitly stated).


  2. I later went and watched the movie again after my initial post, I kind of learned something else regarding how other animals perceive humans. Not very nice in short. Whether that is just an unrealistic idea of the movie I am not sure but according to how we are dealing with our environment its probably real. Sara, I agree with your whale’s example, that was thoughtful of you.

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