The Land Pyramid

In Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic, I thought that the author made the use of land more understandable by using the analogy of comparing it to the food chain. Food chains, which are the heirarchies of the dependencies on food, are similar to the products of the land pyramid. Leopold describes the land as being a “fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals”. Although land does depend on all of living species to circulate the upward and downward slope of the land pyramid, it’s also dependent on the energy that is created through this heirarchial consuming and growth. Not sure if anyone else sees this, but this comparisson makes me see land as being a living species as well. Food chains are part of plant, animal, and human communities, just as land pyramids involve the community of soils, water, and living organisms. And going off of Hull’s chapter 11 in Infinite Nature, does this mean that the land deserves the same rights as we do?


One response to “The Land Pyramid

  1. Well of course the land is a living species! It’s constantly changing and moving, creating and sometimes destroying life. There are many creatures that depend on plants from the earth to eat and in turn they get consumed by meat eaters so maybe we could go so far as to say that even the land is part of the food chain! Amazing to see how we are all connected to this piece of dirt that we call home.

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