Caring for God’s Creation

I was very intrigued by Hull’s chapter 9 from <em>Infinite Nature</em>, especially the section on “Caring for Creation”. In Genesis 2:15, humans are told to “till and keep” the earth and all of creation. However, Hull describes that the word “till and keep” can have multiple meanings, such as “serve”, “care”, and “guard” (127). I thought this was interesting because at the beginning of time God bestowed upon humans the sole responsibility of caring for nature. He even goes so far as saying that “tilling and keeping become not just an obligation but a form of worship” (Hull, 128).

This got me thinking; wouldn’t worshiping nature be blasphemous? Nature is a product of God, but it isn’t God himself. If I worship nature over God, aren’t I disobeying the commandment of worshiping false gods? To me, this is the most logical interpretation of what Hull said. However, he further explains that nature proves God’s existence and intentional design. Therefore, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nature is God; God is nature” (Hull, 131). WHAT?! God is not a tree! But, this is not Hull’s or Emerson’s point. They believe that creation embodies what truths and beauty God put on earth. If one were to destroy creation, then they are also destroying God (or what God gave them). Nature and God are almost inseparable on earth; what God made for us, his creation, is good just as we are good and just as he is good. We must “worship” nature because God reveals himself to us physically through his creations. 



One response to “Caring for God’s Creation

  1. Wonderful post, Sara! Just one thought: perhaps “tilling and keeping” the earth can be seen as a form of worship without implying that the earth itself is what is to be worshiped. A comparison might be made to the way one “keeps” the Sabbath as a form of worship, without the Sabbath itself being the thing that is worshiped. The point would be that the act of worship arises out of keeping oneself in a proper relationship to that which God has given.

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