Sorry, Future…

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel, the discussion of “how our Congress works” was brought up. He basically poked fun of the fact that only two laws have been passed, all of which have no beneficial aspects to the American person. So, Kimmel created this cartoon to apologize to the future. However, I think this clip also emphasizes what we have been discussing in this class as to how our human actions will affect the future generations when it comes to the environment. If Congress doesn’t step up now and actually TRY to fix these environmental problems, then the future generations will indeed be the ones paying for it.
Also, I apologize if this clip offends anyone (they did bleep out the cuss words, though!)



5 responses to “Sorry, Future…

  1. I thought this was a very entertaining version of the truth. Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel. Although it is bringing up issues in a humorous fashion, I think sometimes this gets through more to people than serious, long drawn-out articles. People can relate to what the characters in the clip are singing about. Politicians do spend more time arguing about what their so-called “positions” are on things (especially during elections!) and not enough time actually finding solutions to real problems. If our government continues to follow its normal fix things after they are completely ruined plan, there’s going to come a time where it is too late and the damage will be irreversible.

  2. I thought the video was hilarious! Although there was a sad truth to the video, I believe it provided the audience with a humorous overview of the issues that we are facing today (especially the younger generation).

    I wonder, though, does the media put to much stock into the government solving our problems for us? I mean, do we really have to rely on the government to tell us what is right an wrong?

    I think, rather than wasting time trying to petition the government and get face time with Congress, environmentalists should focus more on the average person. We need to change the mindset of the citizens, not the government.

    At the same time, I do realize that it is easier to make wide-spread changes with a blanket law. Unfortunately, as this video points out, Congress seems incapable of coming to a consensus on any issue right now.

  3. Amber – While I agree that relying on the government to fix things for us can easily become an overly passive approach, have you considered that the corporations which have the most at stake in legislative decisions about the environment (oil and petrochemical companies, for example) have evidently decided that “face time with Congress” is well worth the investment? The amount of time and money spent lobbying Congress is truly staggering. But this is rarely about some new bill that is being considered. The government “does” many things, through its many branches and regulatory agencies, as well as through its budgetary decisions (remember sequestration?), that don’t necessarily show up in a listing of its legislative “accomplishments” (or lack thereof!).

  4. I like this discussion, I mean if you look at the “Atavar” movie you can tell how much influence the corporations are going to have in the future. Corporations already have too much influence to the American society right now but their influences are increasing significantly. The bad thing is that even though these corporations provide products and services that we need they are not necessarily for the interest of the mainstream Americans. Their main goal is to maximize profit and reach the bottom line at the end of each quarter. If this means lobbying politicians to pass laws that less regulate the products and services then that’s just part of how they function to reach their goals. Its sad when you think of where the future really lies not only with environment but also politics.

  5. Sara,
    When I was watching the video and the dad said something about population increasing up to 10 billion it left me with my mouth open, literally. I went to the website page “” and it reports that now the population is up to 7 billion already. I remember that 5 or 6 years ago I used to ask about he population of the World to my teachers in high school, and it was close 6 billion people. I cannot believe that in just 5-10 years it has increased 1 billion. I am honestly scared of super population now.

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