In chapter 8 of Hull’s book Infinite Nature he mentions that many people don’t want to spend the extra money to recycle or buy high efficiency things and the like. This got me thinking about my own household. I still live at home right now and my parents do not currently recycle here at home. We never have either. My parents have always said that they don’t want to spend the extra money on recycling and that if the company wants us to recycle that it should not be as expensive.

After reading this section in the book I was curious as to exactly how much extra it is to have a recycle bin along with the normal trash bin (for curbside pick-up). I got on Waste Management’s website, but you have to actually get a quote in order to see how much it would cost. Googling recycling in Wichita also does not lead to any prices either or really any further information. In fact, the only thing I found was locations that collect recycled materials. Does anyone on here recycle? Is it really that expensive? Is it costly to go somewhere and drop off recycled materials? As I’m about to get married and move out on my own, I would love to do whatever I can to help the environment. Obviously, recycling is a huge part of this. That being said, if it really is more costly I don’t know if we’ll have the means to pay for it. Sure, my family recycles other things such as computers, ink cartridges and stuff like that, but I wish we would recycle stuff like plastic, cans, paper, etc. If it really is quite costly, maybe dropping prices would make more people recycle? Personally, I don’t know many households who actually do recycle. What do you think?



One response to “Recycling

  1. We recycle at our house. Honestly, I am not sure on the costs, but we do have a separate bin for recycling that we set out for weekly pick-up.

    On a side note, in my Bioethics class, we talked about a town that actually fined citizens for putting non-recyclables in their bins. Each household was given a recycling bin (the size of normal curb-side trash bins) and one trash can (one that fits in the kitchen). If the household was caught with the wrong items in the bins, $50 was added to their bill for the month. Also, if the trash in the regular trash exceeded the limit, they were fined the same amount. This was supposedly to reduce the amount of trash that accumulated (produce items were supposed to go down the garbage disposal or to be used as composte).

    I was torn on this; I don’t think people should be forced to be confined to what they throw away. What if they have a party or something?! I know at our house parties, a lot of paper products are used to reduce cleanup time. However, this town may be on to something: less trash = less pollution.


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