Psychological Health

I thought the section of chapter 8 in Hull’s Infinite Nature about psychological health was interesting. Hull writes that “one of the best-known studies of this link between nature and health found that surgery patients recovering with views of nature require less painkilling medication and were discharged sooner than were patients with similar doctors and similar surgery but without a view of nature.” I never really thought of this connection before. I personally do love nature and I always do feel better after I take a walk or look at a beautiful sunset, but I never thought of it actually helping someone’s recovery from a surgery. Perhaps if I had had a view of nature when I was in the hospital for my appendicitis I could have recovered quicker instead of being in there for a full week! Hull also writes that nature “provides the deep relaxation that restores bodies and minds from stresses of urban living.” Isn’t that the truth?! I love taking a step back from the craziness of my life and relaxing out in nature. Last summer my fiancé and I went to Colorado after a very hectic summer of him working outside everyday and it was absolutely amazing. We were both able to come home completely refreshed and not feel as stressed out.



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