One With Nature

I must say, I am finding the reading material for this class more and more intriguing.  The further I read in any article/book, the more I am realizing how much I lack in the “care for the environment” department.   

In particular, Christian Diehm’s article, Identification With Nature, really turned on a light bulb for me.  As explained in the article, “we might tend to think that environmentally-friendly actions involve self-sacrifice, deep ecology theorists note that with an expanded understanding of the self we may come to see that these actions involve no such sacrifice at all” (5).  What this particular section of the article meant to me is that if we understand that we are apart of the environment, rather than just merely living in it, we are, in reality, preserving our self-interest by preserving the planet we live in.

My point, I suppose, is that I used to think that recycling and water preservation was more of a burden than it was worth, but this article helped me to understand the connectedness I have with the environment. 

We are all connected somehow, so everything we do effects all of us in some way or another.  The best example I can give is one that is very current in today’s news: the diminishing water supply for Wichita, Cheney Reservoir. 

As I have gone to Cheney Lake since I was an infant (honestly, I took my first boat ride at 2 months), I have watched how the lake has dried up over the past few years.  Especially since I have such a connection with this place, I grow increasingly worried about its life-expectancy every time I drive by a home that has a sprinkler system on.  Yes, green lawns are nice and pretty to look at, but does a green lawn really trump the importance of maintaining the life of Cheney Lake?  I think not. 

Although Cheney has risen back up a few feet from last year, it is still much too far down.  We have a responsibility as citizens of the Wichita area to minimize our water usage to preserve Cheney Reservoir.


One response to “One With Nature

  1. I like your example of Cheney Lake. I, too, go there often and it is amazing how far down the lake is from where it used to be years ago. Even with the rain that we have received this year it is still sad to see how far down the lake is. It definitely shows that we need to be more careful with our water usage. This is one of the reasons my parents decided to invest in a well. We still use city water for our in-home uses, but all of our outdoor watering (sprinklers and hose water) is from the well. Sure, it was a large investment to make at one time, but saving the water that we have in our reservoirs is important, not to mention the dramatic decrease my parents got in the water bill. If a family can afford one, I highly recommend using well water. The water does not have to be purified and go through any of that lengthy and costly process and is also not diminishing the lake volume.

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