Jake Sully, a marine is given a chance to travel to a new world replacing his deceased twin brother as an avatar, which resembles the Na’vi people. The Resources Development Administration’s science team developed avatars that are similar to the Na’vi people in order to collect data from this new world. The new world is Pandora where the Na’vi people inhabit it. The atmosphere is poisonous to humans because you see them don facemasks. Pandora is unscathed, plush with vegetation and has valuable minerals. The RDA is planning to mine these valuable minerals but the Na’vi inhabit the areas they are trying to mine. This is similar to what many companies do today. They mine for resources in other countries destroying the natural habitat.

Grace, who is the head of the avatar project works with Jake to try to convince the Na’vi people to leave their home and learn about their culture. Jake gets lost in the forest during a mission. Neytiri, who is a Na’vi, rescues Jake. When Neytiri first saw Jake, she was about to kill him but a seed of the sacred tree had fallen on her arrow, which she had taken as a sign. He is brought to her people and her Neytiri’s mother tells her to teach Jake their ways. Neytiri takes Jake to ride on one of the animals and mentions there is a bond called “hailu”. This is where they were connected with one another and he was able to feel the animal’s heart beat, breath, and strong legs. Jake learns that there is a deep connection with the forest and there is a network of energy that flows through all living things. The Na’vi talked about how they see one another and other creatures saying, “I see you”. In one scene when Jake goes hunting with Neytiri he kills the animal saying, “I see you” and thanks the animal for its life. This shows that Jake had understood the world in a different way. He is connecting with nature. One of the Na’vi people explained to Jake, “all energy is only borrowed and one day you have to give it back; the body stays behind to become part of the people”.

The Na’vi people had a deity name Eywa, which is similar to mother Earth. It is mentioned in one scene where the people of Earth had killed its mother and there was no longer any green there. The Na’vi people worship the trees in Pandora. There were several different trees. One of the main trees was the tree of souls, which protected the balance of life. Grace believed these trees to be real because they had communicated with each other electrochemically similar to synapses in the human brain. Jake connects with the much-feared “eglan”, the “Toruk Mak Tu”, which was emphasized to rarely happen. The RDA and the Na’vi people go into battle over the land and the Na’vi people conquered the RDA with the help of Eywa. The last scene in the movie shows Jake beneath the tree of souls going through permanent transition in the avatar as one of the Na’vi people.

The beliefs of the Na’vi people are similar to some of the principles of deep ecology, enchantment, and animism. They believed that everything around them had a soul. They didn’t take any of the lives for granted. When they killed an animal, they were thankful for it. They were connected with one another as a community and were able to understand each other through awareness.


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