Screening Report – “The Day After Tomorrow”

The Day After Tomorrow is definitely a Hollywood blockbuster film.  Through elaborate scenes and a popular cast, the producers didn’t spare much expense.  In fact, their budget was probably the main reason this movie did so well in the box office initially.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a high-budget movie with killer special effects? 


The plot of the movie stems from a climate change theory that predicts a rapid and drastic change in the Earth’s weather.  As explained by Jack Hall during his presentation to government officials in New Delhi, the Earth will inevitably experience an ice age due to global warming.  More importantly, Jack tries to explain that global warming is a direct result from our lack of environmental concern.


Besides following the course of this dramatic climate change, the movie also focuses on Jack Hill and his son.  Since Jack is a paleoclimatologist for NORAD, he plays a vital role in helping government officials and his fellow scientists understand the happenings with the weather.  His main concern, though, is reaching his son who is stranded in New York.


The focus on his son, Sam, is not quite as important, other than the fact that it provides the viewer with an insider’s view of what the weather is like up North.  Rather, Sam serves more as a tool for Jack’s character-development.  By traveling through the treacherous weather to rescue his son, Jack gains more audience sympathy.


Overall, The Day After Tomorrow, provides mainstream society with a shocking climate change scenario.  As global warming is a reality, this type of feature film helped bring light to a perpetually important topic.  On the other hand, the chances of this type of rapid climate change are very unrealistic.  I guess it is important to note that exaggeration is required to make money.


One response to “Screening Report – “The Day After Tomorrow”

  1. I agree with you on that last part that the movie was a unrealistic. Climate change as depicted on the movie occurs gradually over a long period of time, may be thousands of years. This movie shows that this whole mess happened in 24 hours. The other unrealistic thing i noted is that as more than half of U.AS is covered by ice, the sun was shinning in Mexico. I would imagine that since Mexico is that close to U.S at least they would have been facing some feezing temps and not sunlight.

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