Who Are You?

According to Christian Diehm’s Identification with Nature, our lives as human beings is shaped and defined by our natures. At first, I was skeptical as to what he was saying, because I have lived in the same home for over 18 years and have developed my own personality that is completely different than my rural country/redneck town. However, in the article, Diehm further explains that nature doesn’t necessarily mean the physical environment that one can see. He says that people identify themselves by a “sense of commonality” (3). So, does this mean that I identify myself by having commonalities with nature? Yes and no. Diehm does say that “to identify personally with nature is to develop a sense of connectedness to entities in the local natural community with which we have had personal contact” (6), but there is so much more that defines a so-called ‘local natural community’. These communities, as the article states, are relationships and connections that we have with others in certain environments. Therefore, we become identified with the people we associate ourselves with just as much as being defined by the places we go to. If this is the case, then I should defined as a peppy, spontaneous Target addict…which I have no shame in admitting! What would be your identification?



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