Avatar’s message

Avatar is the movie released in 2009 directed and produced by James Cameron. The movie shows that by 2154 the earth has completed all its natural resources start looking at other planets. Humans decided to go to Pandora planet searching for a rare mineral called “unobtanium”. This planet’s atmosphere poisonous to humans and humans have to use manufactured oxygen all the time that they there. Pandora’s inhabitants are the Na’vis, the 10 feet, blue skin giants with long tails. The Na’vis live in harmony with nature and they are deeply connected to each other until humans arrival. Humans driving force was to meet the quarterly corporate bottom line regardless of what damage they have to the Na’vis. The main actor, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) a paraplegic ex-marine is replacing his brother’s mission to explore Pandora with the help of Dr. Grace Augustine. Jake’s avatar is genetically engineered and the Pandora exploration mission led by Colonel Miles Quaritch starts. Jake’s avatar ended up falling in love with a female Na’vi, Neytiri and changed the mission for exploring the unobtanium that was located under a big sacred tree.  Humans at first succeeded with mission but later on with help of Jake’s avatar the Na’vis won the battle and alienated humans from Pandora.

            This movie came at the right time when there is a debate over how we explore our natural resources. As humans we are also part of nature so when we keep on using our natural resources carelessly we are going to end up without any resources later down the road. It may not happen in the next few generations but it will definitely catch up with us eventually. Imagine how much risk humans had to take to go to Pandora just to get the “unobtanium”. It indicate how bad the scarcity of natural resources will be if we don’t change our ways. The movie also shows the influences that corporate have to the American society today. Corporate influences decisions made by our elected political leaders regardless of whether the decisions made benefit or harm us. It is time that we put more effort in dealing with this issue because our natural resources are gradually depleting before our eyes.


One response to “Avatar’s message

  1. Don’t you agree that this was perfect timing for the movie? In the recent years, the effects of using up our natural resources has been topics of debate in political discussion. To me, it is interesting that Cameron utilized the theme of environmental distruction for his movie by having characters such as the Na’vi being the ones’ who are effected most. It dehumanizes the issue just enough so that the viewer is torn whether or not to side with them or the humans. It gives the viewer a different perspective of their realistic lives that environmental effects hurt more living creatures than just the human species.

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