In Self-realization by Arne Naess, he mentions Erich Fromm. I thought it was interesting because Erich Fromm theorized the different types personality orientations one can have. One of them was a productive orientation, which is the healthiest. This type of person is self-realized and doesn’t deny or avoid responsibility for his or her biological or social nature. Fromm says, the productive oriented individual “doesn’t hide behind masks”. Two other personality theorists who talked about self-realization were Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Maslow theorized our needs are met through self-actualization by living creatively and using our potentials. Rogers theorized that self-actualization is obtained through a series of processes to fulfill one’s potentials. With the right environment one can reach its full potential. According to Fromm, “the interest of humans is to preserve their existence, which is the same as realizing their inherent potentialities”.


2 responses to “Self-realization

  1. Ava,
    It sounds like the most efficient and effective person is one who is productive. I am interested what these psychologists have to say about the other personality orientations. If so, were their views different from each other, or did they all have the same viewpoints?
    I feel like I sometimes exhibit a productive orientation, but to an extent. I try to be as open as possible, but there are some aspects of my life that I like to keep to myself!

  2. There are several different personality theories out there some of them have similar view points like Maslow and Rogers. Some personalities theories are based on are analytical, humanistic, or existentialist perspectives. Freud for instance is an analytical theorist and so is Fromm. Some of Fromm’s theories are similar to Freud’s. Maslow had a humanistic perspective and Rogers had both humanistic and existentialist viewpoints.

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